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    Hi everyone. This is mostly for old staff, maybe others that knew me.

    Eximius UHC is something I will never forget. This server and the people on it have made such a huge impact on my life. My life changed completely because of this server and the people I met on it. There were negatives and positives, but all in all I met some of my best friends even to this day on this server.

    When I started playing, I mostly just lost UHC’s. Eventually I tried out survival and I fell in love. The community was so different from any other server. I made friends quickly and became a well known member of the server. I was friends with most people and had no hard feelings with anyone. I would play all day and all night and have the best time.

    Eventually I became a staff member and it was amazing. I had so much fun with the staff, making even more friends. One day on another server I made a mistake with friends which got me demoted. At the time I reacted terribly. I became extremely toxic to the staff and the server in all. I said some bad things and lost a lot of my friendships and respect.

    Since Eximius has shut down, I’ve looked back on this and regretted it all. Eximius was my favorite server and I had gotten myself banned, etc. I left on a very bad note. I apologize to anyone I affected in the past. I’ve grown so much from then and realize how truly wrong I reacted in the situation. I loved and still love the server and I regret so much how I acted.

    So again, I’m sorry. I hope this post doesn’t get taken down, as I am not the same person I was.

    -KlubPenguin (ItaliaMC) (italia54115)
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    you da best <3
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